Cultural and rural tourism

Objective No. 1 Development of the destination and brand of the Model Forest “River Mirna Basin”

Sub goal: Prevent the population outflow from the Model Forest area 


  • Defining the recognizability and creating the marketing plan for the area of the Model forest “River Mirna Basin” 
  • Creating the promotional materials for sustainable tourism and eco-tourism with an emphasize on indigenous and traditional in the area of the Model forest
  • Encourage the revitalization of traditional crafts and trades with the tendency of recognition of the Model Forest area
  • Encourage the valorisation of existing old schools in the area of the Model Forest for the purposes of tourism

Objective No. 2 Creating the projects for development of rural tourism and eco- tourism


  • Engaging the Model Forest stakeholders in the projects for development of rural tourism and eco-tourism
  • Gathering information about the competitions for financing the projects of tourism development in rural areas
  • Encourage the uniting of tourism operators in the Model Forest area, with the aim of creating new products and services

Objective No. 3 Compilation of tourist offers which include natural, gastronomic and cultural values of the area - Excursions through the Model Forest “River Mirna Basin”


  • Organize tourist tours through the Model Forest and promote them in tourist offices all over the Model Forest area
  • Include the producers of food and family farm owners from the Model Forest area in the tourist offer
  • Including the cultural and traditional heritage, religious moments and the history of the Model Forest rural area in the tourist offer (e.g. singing from Cicarija mountain range, traditional production of charcoal, religious tourism- Zrenj, and memorial room for the foundation of the first Croatian school…) 
  • Including the visits to the breeders of indigenous species (e.g. Istrian cattle -boskarin, Istrian goat, Istrian sheep, vine sorts, olives…) in the tourist offer
  • Including the natural and cultural characteristics of the Model forest area in the tourist offer (e.g. truffles harvesting, mushrooms and olive picking, production of olive oil, collecting of medical herbs, manufacturing of products of wild fruit and berries…)    

Objective No. 4 Valorization of mountain and recreational tourism


  • Encourage the construction of mountain lodges and mountain infrastructure on the mount of Cicarija, southern massif of Ucka and on the entire area of the Model Forest
  • Regulating the off-road driving through forests in cooperation with authorized institutions 
  • Issuing a multilingual booklet “Guide and Diary on the Istrian Mountain Road (184 km)”
  • Issuing the mountain maps of the area of the Model forest
  • Organize tourist mountain hiking tours
  • Issuing informative material in several languages about the hiking trails and accommodation capacities for mountaineers
  • Promotion of cycling trails and extreme sports in the area of the Model Forest
  • Realization of educative nature trails, resting areas, gazebos and information points 

Measurable results and effects: number of tourist visits to the area of the Model Forest, new tourist packages in the area of the Model Forest, number of tourist capacities included in the tourist tours Model Forest “River Mirna Basin”, lectures, informative materials, projects which develop rural tourism, mountain lodges, information points, paths.

Activity holders: tourist offices and agencies in the area of the Model forest, Mountain Association of the Region of Istria, associations of mountaineers, towns, municipalities, sole traders, companies and family farm owners. 

Included and target groups: tourists, residents from the Model Forest area, food producers, the owners of accommodation capacities, associations in the Model Forest area.