Forestry, hunting and renewable energy sources

Objective No. 1 Education and consulting of private forest owners

Sub goal: Sustainable development of private forests and forest resources


  • Workshops and lectures for forest owners about sustainable forest management, in cooperation with authorized institutions
  • Establishment of private forest owners associations in the area of the Model Forest
  • Helping the forest owners in regulating property right relations of rural forests (community forests) on the Cicarija mountain range
  • Cooperation of the Model forest with the Advisory Service for Forests

Objective No.  2 Promoting the usage of renewable energy resources


  •   Education and informing the forest owners about the possibilities of exploiting the biomass
  • Giving the institutional support to forest owners for participating in projects that encourage the use of biomass and other renewable energy resources  
  • Educative campaigns for the public about the usage of biomass, solar and wind energy
  • Construction of plants for processing the biomass in the area of the Model Forests
  • Start using locally produced pellets from biomass in public institutions of towns and municipalities in the area of the Model Forest

Objective No. 3 Afforestation and sustainable management of forests


  • Encourage the high breeding forms, so-called spermatophyte, and breeding forms of natural forest structure and indigenous species
  • Influence the introduction of control in illegal wood cutting and other illegal activities on the forest land
  • Raising the clone seeds of indigenous species
  • Encourage the plantation of fast growing species; plantation cultivation of chestnut
  • Influence the reconciliation of cadastre and actual situation on the ground
  • Encourage the construction and maintenance of forest fire-prevention roads 

Objective No. 4 Development of infrastructure for wood processing

  • Encourage the entrepreneurial climate for producing the final wood products
  • Encourage the processing of woods and by-products and their promotion and branding 

Goal Nr. 5 Cooperation on the development of the Hunting strategy in the Region of Istria

Measurable results: plants for processing of biomass, lectures, buildings that use renewable energy sources, forest owners associations, infrastructure for wood processing, new wood products, plantations, seed orchards.

Activity holders: Croatian Forests, Region of Istria, Croatian Forest Research Institute, towns and municipalities, community forests.

Included and target groups: residents in the area of model forest, forest owners, Advisory Service for Forests.