Protection of nature, communication and education

Objective No. 1 Education and informing about the protected areas and natural values

Sub goal: Raise the level of ecological awareness and knowledge about the nature and environment conservation.


  • Compilation of educational and informative materials about the natural values and indigenous and protected species in the area of Model forest
  • Once a year, organizing a manifestation about the Model Forest where the activities of the Model Forest will be presented- through lectures, exhibitions and informative materials
  • Organization of lectures, seminars and workshops on natural values of the Model Forest
  • Promotion of Motovun forest values and the importance of its conservation
  • Setting up different educational trails in the area of the Model Forest 
  • Initiating educational and promotional campaigns aimed at the sustainable development of the area
  • Promotion of the Model Forest “River Mirna Basin” on social networks

Objective No. 2 Practicing educational workshops on natural values in the area of the Model Forest, with children and young people


  • Organizing systematic educations on natural values in cooperation with schools and universities (suggest an educational program to Administrative department for culture and education of the Region of Istria)
  • Education of teachers and trainers on natural values and landscape in order to implement education in nature inside their institutions
  •  Establishment of eco groups in the Model Forest area (e.g. Nature keepers)
  • The implementation of outdoor program “School in the forest” and summer camp for children and young people

Objective No. 3 Recovery of wild waste dumps in the area of the Model Forest            


  • Organizing work actions for environment cleaning in cooperation with towns and municipalities, tourist organizations, villages and local committees 
  • Promotional activities related to recovery of wild waste dumps
  • Organizing lectures and workshops on wild waste dump problem

Objective No. 4 Recycling and quality waste management in the area of the Model Forest


  • Education on recycling and quality waste management in cooperation with Local administrative units and authorized institutions 
  • Improve the system of waste collection by introducing necessary infrastructure in the area of the Model forest
  • Educating the residents on creative waste usage

Objective No. 5 International and regional cooperation 


  • Cooperation with the Model forests in the Mediterranean and International Model Forest Networks
  • Cooperation with the Local Action Groups (LAGs)
  • Cooperation with national and foreign institutions, organizations and other legal bodies

Measurable results or effects: restructured waste dumps, lectures, activities of cleaning, educative workshops, educative programs for school, number of projects, informative materials, eco-groups, presence of the Model forests in media, educative trails, events and new infrastructure.

Activity holders: civil associations in the area of the Model forest, authorized institutions for protection of nature, towns and municipalities.

Included and target groups: schools, young people and children, residents from the Model forest area, the public, media.